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First-Rate Automotive Tinting & Interior Repair

Window & Windshield Tinting - Automotive Tinting


Keep your car cool, in both senses of the word, with the best selection of window tinting services and product selections from Tommy Tints.
Headliner & Dashboard Repair - Interior Repair

Headliners & Dashboards

Put an end to the troublesome sagging with our car headliner repair services. We also offer dashboard repair to seal up cracking due to the blistering sun.

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Calm that bright sun in your eyes with Tommy Tints, the number-one tint shop in Sarasota, Florida, for automotive tinting and interior repair. We also repair that headliner that messes up your hair and hide those cracks that the sun put in your dashboard. We tint automobiles for customers in Sarasota and the surrounding area. Just give us a call or stop by, we'll take care of you and your ride.
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